Hook up kitchen sink sprayer

Commercial Kitchen Pre-rinse Sink Sprayer 1.6 gpm

Anyways, here’s a list of the parts I bought for this diaper sprayer.

Conserve Up to 80% Water w/1.6 gpm Commercial Pre-Rinse Sink Sprayer

We looked at several versions on the web that used barbed connections and hose clamps.

Commercial <em>Kitchen</em> Pre-rinse <em>Sink</em> <em>Sprayer</em> 1.6 gpm

Kitchen Sink Sprayer Not Working? 7 Common Problems

These parts came out to around $20 at Home Depot and it took maybe 20 minutes to assemble. So Gidget told me one day that she was sick of sticking her hands in the toilet to get Chiquita’s poop off those cloth diapers.

How to Install a Sprayer to Your Toilet to Clean Cloth Diapers

Before we started using cloth diapers, I would have never guessed that a kitchen sprayer next to the toilet would be so useful (when I told the guy at Home Depot what I was doing, he actually asked if I was making a bidet).

Hook up kitchen sink sprayer:

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